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We Service 19 Wisconsin Counties including Dane, Kenosha, Outagamie, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Rock

Litigation Services

Court Reporting

Founded in 1957, we are Wisconsin’s oldest and most trusted court reporting firm. All of our court reporters are nationally certified and provide accurate transcription services. Whether you’re looking to network with another court reporting company from anywhere in the nation or need to take a deposition right here in Milwaukee or surrounding Wisconsin counties, we’re here to provide security and service.

Video Conferencing

Depositions are mandatory, Travel is optional

Many law firms are beginning to understand the value of telecommunications in the litigation process.  When travel isn’t an option.  Why not save time and money?  You can also avoid cancellations and delays in getting your depositions completed on schedule?   Call us we will find a location nearest your witness.

Video Recording Services

Our videographers are equipped with state-of-the-art recording, editing and playback equipment to record depositions, Demonstrative Evidence, Day in the Life productions, Video/transcript synchronization and most anything that requires visual documentation.

Transcription Services

Our transcription services were started with the idea of providing a quality, customer service-driven transcription product to the industry. Experienced court reporters ensure that every aspect of the process is taken seriously, developed efficiently and delivered by your deadline. We are about building relationships by providing superior customer service. It is our company’s practice to streamline the transcription process from top to bottom. We work closely with our team members as well as clients and eliminate all of the challenges that are faced. This is accomplished by continuing to communicate, train and educate clients and team members.

Deposition Streaming

Have an out of town deposition? View real-time texts remotely on your computer or in your home office, while on the road or sitting at your desk. Our professional Certified Realtime court reporters can transmit your proceedings to an Internet deposition streaming broadcast service of your choice. We’ve expanded our real-time streaming capabilities to allow all real-time client software to receive our Internet-based feeds. Through a secured server, log-in credentials are provided to attorneys and experts, so they can view the remote deposition from any location with Internet access.

Mobile Deposition Team

This includes a court reporter (real-time available), videographer and video conferencing services.  Our on-site team is ready for deployment to handle your depositions, arbitrations and public hearings.