What Our Customers Are Saying

Betty V., Las Vegas, NV

“They delivered a completely accurate transcription in a very efficient manner.”

Mary T., West Bend, WI

“I get a call or email back right away when I scheduled on line.”

George J., Beloit, WI

“Your court reporters are always professional.”

Laura T., New Berlin

“Your reporter was very professional and the transcript was outstanding”

Nora K., LaCrosse, WI

“Great service and you found us a conference room a mile from our witness.”

Amanda F, Madison, WI

“You did an excellent job from scheduling to transcript delivery.”

Peggy L. New Orleans, LA

“It was a pleasure working with your firm. I will highly recommend you.”

Debbie W., Dallas, TX

“Thank you again for all your help in this case.”

Theresa J., Cleveland, OH

“We received the transcripts so quickly, everything was just fine.“

Laura J., Minneapolis, MN

“Your reporter was very nice, professional and courteous I’m glad I found you.”

Tracy C.,  Appleton, WI

“Thanks again for everything!  You are a great guy to work with.”

Lori G.,  Rockford, IL

“We have always been very happy with your services.”

Linda Y., Denver, CO

“You made scheduling really easy and everything turned out great.”

Mary S., Chicago, IL

“I’m lucky I stumbled upon your firm and we indeed worked very well together”

Mandy S., Green Bay, WI

“Very happy with your service, scheduling more video conference deps soon.”

Nancy D., New York, NY

“Thanks for covering that last second deposition. You really saved me big time”

Linda Z., Houston, TX

“Our reporter was friendly, accommodating, and very professional.”

James A., Detroit, MI

“My experience with Kempfer Reporting was excellent.”

Adam G., Chicago, IL

“Kempfer Reporting is a one stop shop”.

Cathy H., Schaumburg, IL

“Thank you for your setting up the location, reporter and videographer.”

Monica T., Rockford, IL

“You are wonderful and I will keep you in mind for future Wisconsin deps!!!”

J.J., Dallas, TX

Their transcription is both accurate and quick. They returned the work to us lickity-split.

Sid Y., Waukesha, WI

Great company. Professional transcription service.

B. Davis, Las Vegas, NV

They delivered a completely accurate transcription in a very efficient manner.